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Talking about  sculpture


From the beginning of the existence of mankind , sculpting has always been a way of expression used to keep life under control. By making idols stone-age people tried to please their gods and ancestors , to receive in exchange enough food or to many children , because they simply had to survive in a hostile world . Later on , Egyptians were making art to take the visible world with them  when they died , to keep even death under control.

Visions about art have developed in many different ways. Nowadays there are so many ways of making  or thinking about art , one can not imagine. So you can say that art has become unlimited.

Beeing a simple person with limited abilities, I had to choose  a small part of  all the possibilities one has , to express himself. By chance I dicovered the use of casted bronze to give my view on life , the way I experienced it till this very moment.

Realism is not really my aim. Instead of this , phantasy plays an important role, even when nature provides me with a model. Because I really belief that a personal touch  is most important to create something that is bigger than life

And bigger than life it should be, as features in nature always return in  every period and on every place and in every individual. So my statues should be a symbol for things we will experience in our lives till  human life ends in the universe.

And now lets return to my work. Below you can see  more pictures of my work.




Illusion in bronze


While living individuals only do function well when the are created in the only possible way, bronze figures are not limited in that aspect. They are made to express a certain mood or sentiment, to depict  relationships between creatures, to express movement , actually they are made to express anything you can think about. Using just bronze to create an illusion  that makes an impression on us which is acceptable maybe beautifull , or even more than that.





If you want to be informed about galleries which sell sculptures made by Dick Aerts, or if you want some other information , I will be pleased to answer your questions.